Weekly Gift Specials

Welcome to The Corner’s Weekly Gift Specials!

Here we are featuring 8-10 gift specials that change every Wednesday. Any order you make from this gift special will include special pricing and a free surgical mask! Place an order today at (631) 462-1710.

Don’t forget if you want a closer look at each gift special, every Friday we will be posting a Facebook Video Showcase! To view our Facebook, click here.

1. Give Thanks Bread DIsh.jpeg
2. Let_s Give Thanks Dish.jpeg
3. Pumpkin Skeleton.jpeg
4. Tin Pumpkins (Set of 3).jpeg
5. _Thankful_ Dish with Bowl.jpeg
6. _Grateful_ DIsh with Bowl.jpeg
7. Pumpkin Pie Recipe Plate.jpeg
8. Grateful Pumpkin Bowl.jpeg
9. Fall Wreath.jpeg
10. Fall Wreath.jpeg